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List Your Ski Vacation Rental w/ Ski Trip Advisors

Why list your property with Ski Trip Advisors?

The answer is simple: to generate bookings! We market your properties to thousands of interested consumers each year who are looking for vacation rentals in your market. We help these consumers find your home and we send you the booking. There are no upfront costs and you only pay when we generate a booking.


Why will consumers book my property on your website?

We offer the consumer a one-stop shop for their vacation planning needs. On our site, they can see the largest selection of vacation homes available in each market, they can book them online using a credit card, and they can also book their air travel, rental cars, ground transportation and activities. Consumers can also call one of our in-market Destination Experts who will assist them in finding their perfect vacation home and planning their complete vacation.


How is Ski Trip Advisors different than some of the other sites out there?


We are a company that is completely dedicated to meeting the unique distribution needs of property management companies and vacation rental owners—we call it Supplier-Friendly Distribution. Supplier-Friendly


Distribution means:


We don't undercut your price – We market your properties at rack rate.

We only sell what you haven't sold – We check availability by call and request or extranet.

Risk-free distribution – There is no cost to sign up and you only pay when we deliver a valuable booking.

We pay you in advance – You will receive all payments prior to the guest's stay, not after.


How much does it cost to list my rental?

Nothing! There are no upfront fees to list with us and no monthly, annual, per-click or any other type of advertising costs. Ski Trip Advisors operates on a pay-performance basis. We market your properties to our customers and only get paid if we deliver a booking to you. We typically operate using net wholesale rates where we charge the consumer the same retail price that you list your property for and then remit to you a wholesale price. Actual wholesale discounts vary by market.


Do you work with property managers?

Yes. We work with over 70 property managers who have found Ski Trip Advisors to be a valuable, cost-effective channel for customer acquisition.


Contact Us

List your property on one of the largest marketing and distribution channels for ski vacation rentals today and increase your bookings. Click here to send us an email to get the conversation started.


View an Example of an Online Listing:


All information can be fully customized to meet your needs

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