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Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of company are you?

Ski Trip Advisors is a ski vacation wholesale company. We establish key relationships in ski resort communities to compile a network of vacation products that we offer at discounted rates to our customers.


Why are your prices so low?

As a ski vacation wholesaler we receive discounted rates from our resort partners in turn for marketing their products and providing them with a certain volume of business.  As a smaller company with low overhead, we have less of a markup than our competitors which results in a lower price for you, our consumer.  In fact, we are so confident in our prices that we back it up with our Low Price Promise.

So you have low prices but what about customer service?

We pride ourselves on having superior customer service. We want your repeat business and want you to tell others about Ski Trip Advisors. We know that the only way to achieve this is to go above and beyond for customers at every opportunity

How do I get the products / services I book with Ski Trip Advisors?

Most products / services are picked up onsite through our resort partners by presenting a picture ID, confirmation number and / or product voucher. You will receive a detailed travel document by e-mail 7-14 days before the start of your trip that will have detailed check-in / product redemption information and voucher (if applicable) for each item booked.  A brief synopsis is below: 


Airfare: Most domestic flights we book are E-Tickets and require only a valid picture ID to check-in. In the rare case that we issue paper tickets, they will be sent to you by Fed-Ex. 


Car Rental: You will be required to present a valid picture ID along with a specific car rental voucher which will be included in your travel document e-mail to pick up your rental car.  


Ground Transportation: Many of our ground transfer companies require you present a transportation voucher (included in your travel document e-mail) along with a valid picture ID  


Lodging: You will be required to present a valid picture ID along with your confirmation number to check in with the majority of our lodging partners. 


Lift Tickets: Most resorts have your lift tickets available in will call and can be picked from any lift ticket window by presenting your confirmation number and valid picture ID. 


Ski Rentals: Most ski rental shops require you present a valid picture ID along with a specific voucher which will be included in your travel document e-mail to pick up your rentals.

What resorts do you book?

Ski Trip Advisors books all major resorts in North America (except the East Coast Resorts) and South America. 

What products and services can you help me with?

We can assist you with airfare, car rental, ground transportation, lodging, lift tickets, ski rentals, ski school, travel insurance as well as snowmobiling, dog sledding, tubing and even dinner reservations.

What do I do if I have a problem when I am traveling?

We have a 24 /7 emergency assistance service that is included when you book with us. We will work with you and our partners to make sure your vacation gets on track with as little inconvenience to you as possible.   

Do you work with travel agents?

Yes, on a case by case basis. Commissions are available on most products we offer with a standard package payout of 10%. Check with us to discuss commission payouts for a specific product / itinerary. 

Are you affiliated with a specific resort or parent company?

No. Ski Trip Advisors is a privately held, independent, vacation wholesaler. We work for you to find the best vacation options at the best price.

When was Ski Trip Advisors formed?

Ski Trip Advisors began to take shape in 2001 and has been evolving ever since to meet the changing demands of the travel marketplace.  Ski Trip Advisors launched its current website and was incorporated in 2007.  

Do you operate any additional websites?

Yes.  We currently own and operate:,, (coming soon) and (coming soon). We also have a separate website that powers our online booking engine, specials and resort content at


Where is Ski Trip Advisors located? Do you have an office that I can visit?

Ski Trip Advisors main office is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins. We also have employees that work for us remotely throughout the United States. We would love to meet with you in person so just ask your agent where he or she is located and see if you can get together.

I am nervous about booking with an online company. How do I know you are legit?

Our track record speaks for itself. We have helped thousands of travelers and have been able to maintain an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also backed and accredited by ARC (ARC-accredited agencies are the most select group of dedicated professionals in the U.S. travel industry only receiving accreditation after meeting stringent financial, operational, and security requirements). But do not take our word for it, please ask around. Talk with any of our travel suppliers (resorts, condo management companies etc.) to learn for yourself why Ski Trip Advisors is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the ski vacation planning and ski resort communities.   

What does (2 of 3 days, 3 of 4 days, 4 of 5 days, ....and so on ) mean regarding lift ticket pricing?

The first number is the number of days you have to ski,. For example: 3 of 5 days you can ski 3 days out of a 5 day period starting when your ticket is scanned in the lift line for the first time, so if you start on Monday you can ski any three days between Monday and five days later (Friday).


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