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Telluride, CO

Teuride Sports Ski Rental Q & A


7 Locations. 2 Villages. 1 Stop for Rentals

DONT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET THERE- purchase 7 days in advance and SAVE UP TO 40%

Q: What is your refund policy? 
A: Please try and provide us with 24 hour advanced notice prior to your pickup day for a full refund. We can make changes to your reservation at any time. 


Q: Where do I pick up my equipment? 
A: Be sure to mention where you will be staying.  We'll provide the nearest rental location when we confirm your order. 


Q: Can I exchange my skis if I don't like them? 
A: Yes. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and service. With several locations at each ski area, help isn't far away. 


Q: If we arrive early, can we pick up our skis the day before? 
A: Absolutely. If you pick up gear anytime after 3 p.m. (after 4 p.m. in Heavenly), we will not charge you for that day. If you request a specific model, that gear may not be available until the morning of your rental. 


Q: Can I pick up my equipment at one location and drop it off at another? 
A: Yes. Within each resort we have many locations where you can return equipment. We also have stores at other resorts where you can return your gear.  This does not include affiliates.  Equipment rented at an Affiliate location must be returned to the store from where it was rented. 


Q: What if I have my own boots? 
A: Simply choose your desired package in the "Ski Only" version.  That package does not include boots. 


Q: Do you have larger sized ski and snowboard boots? 
A: We carry ski boots up to size 16 and snowboard boots up to size 15. They rent out quite often. Be sure to make a reservation to ensure you can get them. 


Q: Can I exchange my ski rental for a snowboard? 
A: Certainly, you may switch from ski to snowboard or snowboard to ski. There may be a price adjustment to do so. 


Q: What ski length should I rent? 
A: Your equipment will be fitted to you at the store.  Our technicians are experts in suggesting equipment to suit your ski ability, age, height, weight, and shoe size.


Q: Can you deliver my equipment to my hotel? 
A: Absolutely!  Our only exceptions are our Affiliate locations and Keystone. 


Q: What if I return my skis early? 
A: We will refund the difference for the unused days. Returns must be made before 9 a.m. to receive credit for that day. 


Q: Do you rent helmets? 
A: Helmets are not required.  However, we do recommend them for anyone hitting the slopes.  They are available for reservation online. 


Q: We want to take a day off in the middle, my lift tickets are for 4 of 5 days, how do I reserve this? 
A: Renting the equipment is like renting a car. If you do not use your gear for a day, you must pay for it unless you return it for that day. If you plan to do that, we ask that you make two separate reservations. Discounts for rentals of three or more days will only apply to consecutive day rentals. 


Q: Can I reserve a specific ski? 
A: We do take requests for specific models.  We do guarantee that you will receive a ski in the same category that you requested or you will be upgraded at no extra charge. If you absolutely want to reserve a specific demo ski, check out our Gold level service at or call our reservation center at (800) 544-6648. Our Gold service provides specific ski model reservations, freshly tuned skis, and concierge-level no-waiting service. 


Q: Do your stores have ski clothing available for rent? 
A: We do not offer clothing rentals at this time. 


Q: How do I get the FREE junior rentals? 
A: At certain resorts, offers a free junior rental with each paying adult rental. The offer may be restricted by rental date. We may also limit the number of free junior rentals per reservation to two. Within the booking process, the free Juniors will be discounted when you submit your reservation to the website.  For more specific details please see the deals and promotions section under the Rental Locations section for each resort. You can also click on help when choosing a location for this information, or email or call us. 


Q: When should I make my reservation? 
A: Reserve as soon as you know your vacation dates. During peak demand, once we've taken as many reservations as we can accommodate, we no longer accept reservations. Also, we don't take reservations less than 24 hours prior to your arrival - 72 hours for Gold Club reservations. 


Q: Can I just rent boots? 
A: Boot-only rentals are available at our stores on a first come, first served basis. We do not take reservations for boot-only rentals. Boot-only rentals generally run from $15 to $25 per day. Also, your bindings must meet manufacturer safety requirements.  They must be function tested to ensure that they are safe.  This test costs approximately $30.


Q:  Will you store the equipment overnight?
A:  Definitely.  You do not need to carry your equipment back to your hotel room.  Just stop by the rental facility and the staff will be happy to store the rented equipment for you.  For a charge, some locations will store your personal effects while you are skiing.  Be sure to ask while you are picking up your equipment.

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